Friday, November 10, 2006

"...that can win what's never been won..."

as i've mentioned before on this here blog, for the past few months the spiffy coudal partners has been having a contest based on the always fun "six degrees of separation" (or "kevin bacon") game. every few days, they would pick a person, and our task was to link that person to bob dylan in either one move, or up to six moves, but in the most creative way possible. some of the people were condoleeza rice, mary-kate and ashley olsen, bugs bunny, derek jeter, robert deniro...all kinds of people. it was actually really fun. if you were chosen, you won a copy of bob's latest, the mighty "modern times." all the entrants were also eligible to win the grand prize, which is bob's entire catalog on cd. that's 47 cd's. yes, that's right. 47. and some of those cd's are 2-and 3-disc sets.

they picked 3 grand prize winners at random.

and i totally won. :) i just can't believe it! this is HUGE! much of my bob music is on vinyl, and a lot of my cd's (which include just about everything except some 80's bob and a few other ones) are very old with broken cases and scratches and whatnot (my bob cd-buying began the summer after i graduated high school, in 1991). i am beyond thrilled! this is putting me in the perfect mood to see bob show #16 next saturday! wooooo! with the raconteurs! double wooooo!

if you're bored, check out the winners in the archive of the site (coudal is a great site in general, by the way). it will give you a good idea how insane bob fans are with knowing obscure facts about him. i mean, of course anything can be found on the internets, but you really needed to have a good bob background to make a worthwhile attempt. i am pretty sure my entry that won was condi rice, but it may have been mary-kate and ashley. with condi, i found that she served under the george bush sr. administration, who was vice-prez to ronald regan, who in a speech referenced "born in the u.s.a." by springsteen, who inducted bob into the rock n' roll hall of fame. if it was mary-kate and ashley, i'm pretty sure i got to bob by way of eugene levy and just rolled with that. who cares, I WON!!!

thanks, coudal partners!!!!!!


flatlander said...

Wow! That's a great prize package!


mondo retro said...

thank you!!! :) yay!

anubis44 said...

I always knew you were a winner. :)