Thursday, September 21, 2006

see? work can be FUN!

coudal partners has a fun contest going...a "six degrees of separation" thing with bob dylan. the grand prize is every bob album that there ever was. sid vicious was an easy one for me, but condoleezza rice required some research.

and speaking of bob (as i am so inclined to do), here's his book tarantula, an impossible book that is displayed in an impossible format for you to read.

"the office" premiere is tonight! (that's what she said!!)

so, beck tickets go on sale this morning. will mondo be responsible and (*gasp*) NOT GO because of all these new responsibilities with the new house, and because i am going to 4 shows in the next month? or will she not be able to stand the notion that beck will be within an hour of her and SHE WON'T BE THERE?? stay tuned to find out...

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