Sunday, February 26, 2006

meaty neck bone.

so, i have no idea what time the party died out, but i passed out in my bed, woke up this morning and found one of my socks in the middle of the kitchen floor. (?!?!?!?) odd. but i'm having a nice day. i watched like 8 episodes of "entourage" in a row, followed by the school scare film "drug addiction." below is the best shot of the movie:

right now i'm watching dig! anyway, things got hazy last night after that shot we did for don knotts. here are some highlights...more to come.

oh, one really funny thing that happened was, someone didn't know and they closed one of the doors in my hallway that cannot be opened from the inside, you need to hit the buzzer---but the buzzer's broken. i was like, "ahhh, over 20 people are here and we're all trapped!!!!" just before ryan was going to climb out of the window and onto the roof to jump off it and open the door from the outside, chris broke it opn with a credit card. yay!

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