Tuesday, February 28, 2006

a battlefield, indeed...

i pulled a neck muscle again, and i can't turn my neck at all without being in intense pain. this happens semi-frequently, ever since "the accident."

about a year and a half ago, i woke up and my neck was sort of stiff. not a big deal, really. that is, until i got to work and me and kenny decided to do the "love is a battlefield" dance sequence when the song came on the radio. you know, that one part at the end of the video where all the disaffected runaway youth do the big dance number, shaking their shoulders back and forth and move forward towards you, because they are SO TOUGH! yeah. i did that and i f-ed up my neck SO BADLY that i had to go to the emergency room. i was all hunched over like an old lady, crying because of the pain. people were asking me, "how did this happen?!?" and i had to sheepishly admit, "ummm...doing a pat benatar dance."

so, i am not feeling my best today, except for the tylenol 3's i am gobbling in order to even deal with the pain. wheeeeeee! i should be pretty useless by, like, 9 a.m.

live shins! yay!

hammer!! proper.

retrocrush does a tribute to the wonderful don knotts. i heart don knotts.

friends with you.

the vincent price film site.

neurotically yours.

elevator rules.

dr. phil wallpaper.

the tootsie tanner. i think it looks like a george foreman grill. then that made me think of that episode of "the office" where michael burned his foot because he set up his george foreman grill by his feet so he could wake up to the sounds and smell of delicious, sizzling, crackling bacon. ha.


flatlander said...

We are young
heartache to heartache
We're strong
No one to tell us we're wrong

...but when we get older, best to stretch before doing the Pat Bennetar.

I hope you are feeling better. That's a good story though. The world will never see another decade like the 80s!

mondo retro said...

i know, i know! even though it was sort of embarrassing at the time, it's really funny now.

well, not RIGHT now, since i am in pain because of it. but oh well! i bet of 'ol Pat herself tried that dance now, she'd be in the same boat as i? we both have older bones than we used to...