Thursday, October 04, 2007


yes indeed, things are crazy. but i promise you that the photos that i will post from dave's party friday night will definitely make up for the lack of updates. there has never been a drunker, sloppier party than dave's party, and there were about 200 pictures taken. good one, dave! ooooh, you're a legend, dave! there was drinking, hot dog-eating, smores-making, beer pong-ing, singing, guitar-ing, hugging, tackling, wrestling, fire-peeing, accidental nipple-licking, falling down, camping out, and lots and lots of laughter. i have the best friends ever.

and if you live in san antonio, texas, go see the mighty ELECTRIC HORSEMEN, which happens to be my friend wyatt's band play on sunday (who, incidentally, just got a record deal! WOOOOOOOOOO!!). yes, they're going on tour!!! crammed in a toyota corolla, driving from pennsylvania to texas and trying to make it in 2 days. eek. but it will be worth it. rumor has it they are even better than dethklok!

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