Friday, September 28, 2007

uke gone wild

uke wiki. in case you don't know what a uke is.

learn some chords here. or just make some up, like i do. if you play fast enough no one will notice.

here's some bret uke love. awwww, brit. the fotc episodes on hbo on demand go away this weekend. WHAT'S A FANGIRL TO DO?!?!? *sigh* i'll miss them. that is, until november and i get my dvd. i hope there's extras and commentary!

i also have a baritone uke at home, but i rarely play it. don't know why. maybe because it's not as easy to tune and i lost my pitch pipe. "my dog has fleas" doesn't work for the baritone uke.

i have this book. i want a shirt with the cover art on it.

the best part about my ukes is that i didn't pay for them. take heed, fellas: don't leave your ukes (or accordians) in the apartments of nice girls whose emotions you are toying with. you'll never get them back. muah-hahahahahaha!!!


Uke Jackson said...

Check out some free chord and lyric charts on our website

"Vampire Luck" is just right for Halloween.
New York Ukulele Ensemble

mondo retro said...

woo, thanks!!!

Former Villianous User Boyfriend said...

the baritones tuned like the last four higher pitch strings on a guitar, D-G-B-E. i'm glad you're enjoying them. you're right from your side, i'm right from mine.