Wednesday, December 20, 2006


it was a close, competitive, and oftentimes nasty race (decoration-stealing, sign-defacing, trash-talking, etc), but rachel and i came out the victors in the holiday decorating contest! wooooo! dave and wyatt came in 2nd. so, we decided to pool our winnings (totaling a whopping $40) and go out for wings and beer. in all honesty, we were really sweatin' it, because wyatt brought his guitar and when the judges came around (one of which was the president of our company) they sang "jingle bells" AND a variation of "the chanukah song" ("give us the prize-ikah/because we're so awesome-kah...")
rachel and i may have been a tad pompous with our win, what with the high-fiving, woo-ing, dancing, "in your face"-ing, and the singing of "we are the champions." but we hugged it out, and i think we are all going to be friends again...someday.

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