Sunday, May 07, 2006

how many records does $18 get you?

54, apparently! yeah! chris and i went to a huge community yard sale yeterday and we only bought records. we bought them from 2 separate people, both of whom seemed to be interesting. the one girl had an immense collection, mostly 80's, and everything in really, really, REALLY good condition. she ended up charging me less than 50 cents per record (her husband was making her get rid of everything. i assured her that her babies were going to a good home). she took great care of her records, and we talked music for a little while. she told me her and her sister were adam ant groupies. she said, "i used to be on the guest list a lot---if you know what i mean." and then she winked. oh, i know, honey!! hahaha...

later i will tell you about the german lady and her crazy german records. well, actually they're MY crazy german records now!! muah-hahahaha! but for now, please enjoy just a small sampling of my purchases from the cool woman who totally banged adam ant:

this stuff was written in ballpoint pen on the back of a picture that came with the who, live at leeds. loves it!

ahhhhh, i see i'm not the only one who leaves the original wrap on records! nice.

i've never seen the brown paper bag in such good condition!

i seriously think i bought this exact album at the exact same store she did. i bought almost all of my first wave of records at boscov's (local department store). i don't know what happened to my "songs from the big chair." oh well. i've got it now!

i got the 2 good go-go's albums. yep.

i love k-tel records! i have a lot of them.

this picture is for my friend mark, who i know remembers record revolution:

ohhhhhh, rocky!

under a blood red gertie:

i also got more u2, more cure, madonna, cyndi lauper, duran duran, sabbath, kiss, ac/dc...lots of great stuff.


flatlander said...

Nice catch. And a free cat too!

mondo retro said...

yes, one never knows what one will find stuck in the sleeves of old albums...