Monday, May 08, 2006

it's not easy being green.

so, i re-dyed my hair purple on saturday night, and i don't know WHAT the heck happened, but my hair turned green! eeeeeek! i did use a different shade of purple that i normally do, but i have used different manic panic colors on top of each other many times before, and i never turned green. oh well. so, i ran down to rite-aid the second they opened on sunday morning and had to go black to cover up the ick. but i'm diggin' it. there's a slight residue of purple mixed in with the blue/black, and chris said i looked like Superman's mom or something. ha.

emo haiku generator:

My final goodbye
But the joke was on me see.
I have always known.

related? the saddest thing i own.

bet on what's gonna happen to gay vito.

how to levitate. ugh, i hate this guy.

dig the awesome stryper merchandise!!! i can't believe they're still around.

strangers with candy music!

nyc album art.

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