Tuesday, May 09, 2006

did you know that...

... i totally dig wolfmother?

...this is a great movie?

...once, i screwed time life out of an assload of muppet show videos (that i ordered in the middle of the night in an altered state) by telling them i wanted to return them for a full refund, but they stupidly credited my card back before i actually sent them back, so i kept them?

...i like to sing all types of songs like ethel merman? "i melt with you" by modern english is a fine choice; you really should try it sometime.

...these cats are amazingly fat? still cute, though. i guess.

...judas priest has a conceptual album coming out based on the life of nostradamus? (scroll down a bit)

...the facts of life girls are reuniting today, for some reason? no clooney, i'm assuming.

...pcl linkdump always has the best stuff for download?


flatlander said...

I bet that Nostradamus totally predicted that album.

; )

mondo retro said...

i bet that nostradamus totally predicted that you'd say that.