Wednesday, May 10, 2006

i found this picture...

...of mary louise parker (whom i enjoy in general), and i really, really, REALLY want my living room in the new house to look just like this. complete with flying shoe. no, really. it'''s just perfect. and i already have the shag rug. and i had a lava lamp (same one that i had since 11th grade) but i knocked it over a while back and it finally broke forever. it had red goo and yellow...whatever the other goo is that lava lamps are filled with. it lasted me, like, nearly 15 years. who knew they were that durable?

maybe i should make my own...?

also: how to make a wallet out of batman undies (via boing boing)

even if he did have brain damage, would we be able to tell?

film found in old cameras.

we gotta get these mutha-effin snakes off this mutha-effen elevator!


casefied said...

coincidentally, i ran across this hampster saying the same thing just now.


mondo retro said...

how interesting, how bizarre!