Thursday, May 18, 2006

"gonna finger bang, bang you into my life..."

um, they're not magic show accessories. they're illusion accessories.

millions of mr. moustaches.

these are cute. especially the vomiting one.

hey, it's that guy!!

remember bands on the run?!? i never thought i'd utter the word "flickerstick" ever again... (thanks, yuppie punk!), for biker singles! make sure you read the "success stories," like the one titled Pathological Lier,Womenizer.

ohhhh...i really wanna go to this... these festival line-ups are just getting out of control. how does one possibly decide which one to go to? i've alwyas wanted to go to austin, and this has a bunch of my favorites playing...shins, raconteurs, kings of leon, flaming lips, willie, tom petty, VAN FREAKING MORRISON, etc. WOW.

first we had brangelina...then we had we have DWANGELA!!! (why should jim and pam get all the glory?)

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