Thursday, May 18, 2006

the velvet underground and toothpaste

lou reed and john cale doing heroin...the song, not the narcotic. but they possibly could have done heroin before they played the song...and ok, here's some nico, too. (via boing boing)

quick, call geraldo!

ewwww. or, if you're british, mmmmmmm!!

you can use some of these toothpaste varieties after your beany pop tart.

i am still holding out for the day that yusef does a tour of all cat songs. i would simply die...

...and then i may be listed in this "unusual death" entry on wikipedia.

as much as i am looking forward to my delicious wings and loaded fries and insane amounts of beer tomorow night with my awesome friends, i totally wish i could be here. i was always really really happy that i share my b-day with joey.

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