Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"Watch a movie that relates to your situation like 'Cruel Intentions'..."

the tao of willie.

rocket science 101.

this may be a source of inspiration for decorating the new house...i purchased it yesterday via an amazon gc from cms woman! yay!

crispin glover's soundtrack for the undead.


how to write screenplays, badly.

william burroughs' cut-up films. please take note of the "language is a virus" section of this very blog for more burroughs-inspired things.

and speaking of burroughs...

related: glorious jack kerouac.

this is the copy of "on the road" that i had. then it disappeared...i think my ex-boyfriend, whom i lent it to when we were going out, is the culprit. anyway, later on i got this one.

this is a photo of jack kerouac's typewriter.

how to know the difference between love, infatuation and lust.

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flatlander said...

Everything's related--yesterday I watched "D.C. Cab" and my soul was healed.