Wednesday, May 31, 2006

pour some sugar on me

i spilled almost the entire contents of my sugar bowl this morning. all over 2 of the kitchen chairs, the table, and the floor. i cleaned up what i could, but i had to leave for work, so i left some of the floor sugar. chris and i mused that i would get home and find gertie stuck to the ceiling in a crazy sugar-induced freakout.

in other news...

this is the best picture of sean connery EVER.

batwoman is a lesbian.

arthur lee became one of the first people to receive a bone marrow transplant using stem cells from an umbilical cord to treat his leukemia.

mutual of omaha's wild kingdom! aww yeah! (when i was little, i always wondered what "mutual of omaha" was, and what it meant. i think i still do...)

i find it odd that prince charles would like anything remotely cool.

kim gordon - queen of the scene. damn right she is!!!

how to beat videogames record from 1982. with mp3s! (via boing boing)


Captain Canuck said...

I must find a copy of that record, so that I might vanquish the deadly Centipede--a dramatic struggle of man vs. nature soon to be chronicled in an upcoming Canadian film, "Centipedes on a Greyhound Bus"!

mondo retro said...

"we gotta get these mutha-effin snakes off this mutha-effen bus!!!"

p.s. i LOVE centipede. it is my favorite videogame of all time, ever.