Friday, May 26, 2006

things that make you go...hmmm.

hmmm. arsenio is molesting the olsen twins!! what a photo!

hmmm. frightening.

hmmm. who cares?

hmmm. keep dreaming, diamond dave.

hmmm. nothing better to do, eh?

hmmm. conservative?

hmmm. richard hell interview? sure!!

hmmm. wayne coyne gives advice to high school grads. like, "the key to success after high school is to take lots of acid and wear furry suits! wheeee!"

hmmm. a robotic giraffe.

hmmm. necessary?

hmmm. this weekend me and the mans are going to ohio to hang out with his family. great excuse to take the new car on a mini-trip! so, i may not be bloggin' for a few days. yup.

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