Thursday, May 25, 2006

jumbo mystery post of fun

tawny kitaen: crazy bitch.

holy wow, what a fat mouse!

guerrilla gardening.

chris got me the archie mcphee jumbo mystery box of fun for my birthday. and let me tell you, people: i highly recommend it. it is SO FUN! you wouldn't believe all the cool stuff they throw in there! like, an apron (pictured). like, a giant squeaking salmon, a pink poodle nodder, punching devil puppet, 2 lunchboxes, a red shower curtain with dice on it, a box of chalk from the 70's, a set of old-timey metal cars, swizzle sticks, beatnik napkins, cowboy charms, cowboy napkins, crazy halloween decorations, crazy chinese placemats, cheesy plastic wallets, tiny little dogs, japanese candy...and ahhhh, yes. the internet urinal. i could go on, there was so much stuff in that box, it was AMAZING! i really love mcphee. desperately.


casefied said...

And.. a new and sealed 8-track tape!

mondo retro said...

that's right! how could i forget that?!? that was the coolest!!!