Monday, May 15, 2006

greetings from swinging new hope, pa!

chris, kenny, john and i spent saturday in new hope and shopped, ate, got rained on, talked with a really drunk guy in a neil young shirt doing air guitar at the bar to every song that played, and had a spiffy time all around. most of the photos are of my beloved love saves the day, where i got a neat-o cashmere sweater with someone's monogram on it ("LFD" -- we decided the sweater once belonged to Laverne F. DeFazio, before she switched over to just the "L" on her sweaters), and an awesome bracelet.

oh yeah, some of us got pierced:


anubis44 said...

Check out that sexy eyeball. ;)

mondo retro said...

sexy eyeball for a sexy man!! ;)