Saturday, September 16, 2006

and to think i saw it on mulberry street

so, tonight at the bertoia opening, (i'm a trifle looped---too much red wine!) i was talking to some people and i went off about how i want to beat ashlee simpson down, seriously. the only topics of conversation i was more passionate about were bob dylan and project runway.

unrelated: mmmmmm.

this is a crazy video my college football-lovin' man found. this school, wilson school district, is only a few minutes from where i live. actually, my first real boyfriend went to this very high school. but he was the exact opposite of a football player---he had robert smith hair) all i have to say is...DAMN!!! and, nice implementation of a crushed video tape in your tirade...way to get the guys motivated!!!

what's on in the background right now, as i blog. ahhhhhhh. :) and this is on next! DAMN, i'm loving this crazy expensive cable with 50 million movie channels! "i want you to hold it between your knees!"


anubis44 said...

Oops, I guess someone at Wilson didn't want us to see the video. You'll have to tell me about it.

mondo retro said...

awwww, man! well, the video was of the coach of the wilson high school football team completely abusing his team, screaming at them, showing them this inspirational videotape and then crushing the tape in some kid's face...he totally lost it. :) so silly.