Friday, September 15, 2006

i live my life on the edge, baby!

so, it's friday night, and i am already in my jammies (tonight being a smiths shirt and a pair of chris' boxers), drinking good coffee, and watching david lynch short films on turner classic movies. my man and my cat are snuggled up together on the other sofa. it just doesn't get much better than this...actually, the cat just came over and plopped down on my chest. so hey, it did get better! awww, she's a happy girl. she's purring like crazy...i think she likes blogging. she even picked out these links for you:

LSD videos. (via boing boing. gertie likes boing boing.)

retrocrush archive. WELL worth the time spent.

we're doing this harry bertoia exhibit opening tomorrow night. should be cool. i met his son val once, years ago. the post secret thing is still at our local museum as well, which is pretty spiffy. word around the campfire is that because of linking to post secret on my old site forever ago, someone i know at the museum got the exhibit to come here. woot!

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