Friday, September 15, 2006

team jeffrey!

nothing really happening on the internets this morning...except i just discovered that the project runway designers show their collections at ny fashion week t 9 a.m.! i wonder who's gonna win...i wonder who the final 3 are? it will be michael and jeffrey, for far as the 3rd one, it could be laura or uli; it could go either way. it doesn't even matter. although i am team jeffrey all the way, i feel that michael will win. which is fine; he's really good. but it's so obvious that all the judges loooooooooove him. i think michael kors is in love with him, actually. "ooooh, he's just sooooo SMART! wheeee!" :) UPDATE: i don't think michael's collection is all that hot. go jeffrey! don't listen to all the haters! you rule! i would totally wear the below dress:

related: jay mccarroll's fashion week debut is tonight. love him!

not related: ahhhhhhhh!

UPDATE: blogging project runway is THERE, and promises to give us the skinny. yippee!

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