Sunday, September 24, 2006

sunday morning post a-go-go

good morning! so. last night we went to little steven's underground rock show a-go-go, and it was SUCH a blast! the zombies were the headliners, and the main reason i got the tickets, but honestly they were the low point of the evening for me. the inside of the TLA looked like a circus tent/electric psychedelic pussycat swingers club, complete with b/w films showing on the walls (some spaceman movie, clips from "hullabaloo," etc.) and there were four 60's-looking go-go girls that danced all night long. it was great. local philly band jukebox zeros played first, and i really liked them. next were the woggles, whom my internet friend shankey told me were incredible---and they were. they were SO MUCH FUN! i totally loved them. next was the fleshtones, who were a pleasant surprise; i didn't realize they were on the bill. at one point there were about 50 people on stage with them. part of me wanted to jump up there, but i just stayed put, for some reason. after that we had the mooney suzuki, whom i was indifferent about until i saw them. they totally won me over. they were loud and rockin' and fun and just really great. and i had no idea they sang that one song that is in some car commercial. i was like, "why do i suddenly have the urge to run out and buy a suzuki??" every band that played jumped out into the crowd and just ROCKED was really one of the most fun shows i've been to in a looooong time. people were jusst dancing, drinking, loving it...the venue wasn't super-crowded, so there were NO LINES for beer or the bathroom. insane!!!

anyway, the zombies came out last and were...okay. yeah, just okay. i don't know what was wrong with their performance...i think the songs were just a teeny bit too aggressive. the zombies are indeed garage rock, i guess...but they are more subdued than, say, the kinks or whomever. they have a spooky, mellow, trippy sound. and last night it just seemed like they were trying to keep up with all the youngin's on this tour and kick it up a notch. and it just didn't work for me. the drums were too aggressive or something. but, i'm not gonna sit here and say that i wasn't psyched to see songs like "care of cell 44," "time of the season," "tell her no," and "she's not there" live. i mean, that's pretty cool.

after shaking my boo-tay all night long, i think today is going to be a lazy day. we may hit up the farmer's market later, and stop by this thing called riverfest and check it out and get something horribly bad for us to eat...i must also conserve my energy because...tomorrow night is the raconteurs! i am SO EXCITED!!! i need me some jack white. and it will be nice to see my matty boombalatty, who is meeting us at the show.

oh, i almost the end of the workday on friday, i was informed that i got a promotion of sorts! a marketing position opened up, and i went for it, and i got it! yay me! i am really, really happy about this. it's a little bit more money, but more importantly it's just a better job than what i've got now. i like the company i work for, so i am glad to be able to advance internally instead of having to get another job somewhere else. well, ideally i would not be working for anyone else at my fantasy dream land, i would have my own store, where i sell my jewelry, along with vintage clothes, records, kitsch, crazy art, etc. but hey. that's not happening right now, so i am lucky to have a job that i can deal with. the only thing that makes me sad is i will not me working side by side with my beloved kenny anymore...i'll be all the way in the NEXT ROOM!!!! *gasp* i don't know if we will be able to survive the split.

p.s. i just got these shoes, and they are so cool that i just had to share.


anubis44 said...

It will be rough.

mondo retro said...

ohhhh my kenny. it won't be so bad! i'll be like 10 feet away.


(yes, i am sad, too)


shankey said...

Hey Steph- I hope you are recovering from having your world rocked by the raconteurs!

Too bad I didn't get a chance to meet you last weekend. We found a good spot dead center. Great show! The Zombies tunes are so good, that despite their efforts to goose them up they still were great. I never wanted to hear Hold your head up High and God gave rock n roll to you, but I guess it comes with the package! No Beechwood park, no mello-tron BOO!
We should try and meet up at the Beck/Tower show. Be good and hope your feeling better, take care cell 44