Friday, September 29, 2006

"my thoughts all seem to stray, to places far away/i need a change of scenery."

so, it's friday night and i am really looking forward to just snuggling on the sofa with my coffee and pepperidge farm sausalito cookies and watching some movies. after the week i've had, i really don't need anything more than this. i've hardly eaten anything all week due to being sick, and today i finally felt pretty good, so kenny and i split a small stromboli for lunch. i got so sick from it that i declared that it must've been made by the devil himself; there really was no better explanation that i could come up with.

anyway, movies. i am planning on "dig!" and "fast times at ridgemont high." i've seen both of these films multiple times, but i am especially amped for "fast times" because it's on a movie channel, not "regular tv," and therefore will be unedited. no longer will i have to hear spicoli refer to someone as a "fuzzy nerd." no longer will we have to wonder, "well, what the hell was brad doing when linda barged in on him in the bathroom?! i thought he just said he had some 'work' to do inside..." ;) i may just record it, because i am often in the mood to watch that movie. it's just so great.

speaking of recording movies, we just got DVR recently, (it's about time, eh?) and i've recorded nothing but movies so far. they are all movies i've seen before, but don't own. right now i've got "blow up," "motel hell," "sin city," "the last waltz," and "the life aquatic." this is a movie i saw the day it came out in the theater, and i was really disappointed. but, after hearing from friends whose taste in films i totally respect, i've decided to give it another viewing or two before i write it off forever. i just love all the other wes movies so much that this one just left me kind of BLAH.

this is completely unrelated, but i discovered today that "the monkees" is back on tv on some local channel. WOOOO! i was so excited! and it is also kind of crazy because i watched "head" the other day when i was home sick, and i got all wistful for the show. and *BAM* there it was for me today! and it really is a pretty good show. funny for a lot of the wrong reasons, but enough of the right ones to make it not totally awful.

i can't believe i'm admitting to this, but i was ALL ABOUT THE MONKEES in when i was 13, after mtv had that huge monkees marathon. i remember on the first day of school this chick tricia told me she saw them LIVE over the summer and met them. and i was kinda jealous. her favorite monkee was mickey, i think. mine was always and shall forever be mike. (who wasn't part of the pathetic reunion tour.) even watching him tonight he was still just so totally cute to me. i think it's the hat. plus, he produced "repo man." i mean, come on.

p.s. i just saw that "the big lebowski" is on at 1 a.m., and i think i can make it if i drink enough coffee.

According to the "Which Big Lebowski character are you?" quiz:

Why don't you check it out? Or we cut off your Johnson!

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