Monday, September 11, 2006

dumpster-diving is not beneath me.

i had a nice weekend...saturday we got up bright and early and went to a yard sale and a huge flea market. mark and margy went with us, and we had a grand time and made grand purchases. some of my best stuff was actually found in the dumpster outside the yard sale, which was at flashback's pop shop. so, even the trash was pretty good. i got a "battlestar galactica" book and a bunch of 70's craft-project books. a vogue pattern book from the 70's also.

as we were leaving the flea market, we stopped at one of the last vendors, and mark was looking through the cassette tapes the little old lady had for sale. one of the tapes was his old band's demo! we were like, "NO WAY!!!" the lady said, "oh, you should buy it!" and mark was like, "no, i've got a case of these at home." hahahaha!

yesterday kenny, john and i went to see "little miss sunshine" (finally!! i loved it.) and then we went shopping. i got a cool little fatigue jacket-thingie, and a sweater that i hate and will return immediately. oh yeah, they told me that they got me a ticket to see kathy griffin with them in october! huzzah!

and now, some links.

why the iPod is losing its cool. mine is definitely losing its cool; it goes all crazy all the time, not showing up in my itunes, or scrolling through all my songs at an alarming rate for no good reason...*sigh*

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