Tuesday, September 12, 2006

this is the first and last time i will ever post about barbies.

pics of bob (junior brown, too!) in reading last month. these pics are great; they are from the exact angle from where were were standing. ahhhh...bob.

and now a blast from mondo's past:

i totally had this ken doll. he was my favorite. he came with a brown marker that you were supposed to use to draw stubble on his manly chin, and then you had a little shaver to "shave" the stubble off. i used my marker to color ken's face to make him look all deformed. his 'fro got pretty crazy pretty quick, too. so, basically he was a hot mess.

and this was his girlfriend. i freakin' loved that yellow dress!! i didn't deface this barbie unitl much later in life.

my mom still has the skateboard that came with this in the "treasure box" at her house, which is for all her grandkids. basically it's the odds and ends of toys from me and my sisters that got thrown into this crazy 60's hippie purse. awesome.


Weenil said...

I love that Ken's box advertises him as "all man". Yeah, except for the androgynous lump below his navel... he was a hot Ken, though!

flatlander said...

In the 80s, skateboarder chics were called "skate bettys". Which is stupid, because skater guys weren't called "skate bobs" or "skate barneys".

mondo retro said...

ahhhh yes, i was a skate betty. my first "real" boyfriend was a skater. a really crappy skater, but a skater nonetheless. being a skater in the 80's meant something a lot different than it does now...seems like every kid skates now. my favorite was gator---until he chopped up his girlfriend and buried her in the desert. :(