Thursday, December 28, 2006

my favorite moments of 2006

1. seeing "visions of johanna" at the bob dylan show in upstate new york this summer. that was bob show #16 and only the second time i've seen that song live. it has been my favorite song by anyone, ever, since the very first time i heard it on some guy's mixtape i borrowed in 1996.

2. seeing "bang bang" by the raconteurs twice: once at roseland (which i passed out in front of after the show) and again at the spectrum in philly (with bob dylan - show #17). that jack white...damn. "store bought bones" and "broken boy soldier" were killer at both shows, too. i also need to mention that they played "a house is not a motel" by love at the spectrum also. again...damn. that dylan/racounteurs show was such a great show...i had a great time with my friends at that one. :)

3. moving into our new house!! there will be lots of pictures soon, as we are having a new year's eve party. it's turning into quite the swanky pad! i love it.

4. seeing the strokes at hammerstein ballroom in march. i've seen the strokes several times before, and some of those shows were monumental to me. but this show...they just sounded SO UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME. i remember everyone in my area jumping around and singing "the modern age" at the top of their lungs...and they all looked to be about 30. all us old-timers were totally rockin' out.

5. why does practically every favorite moment involve shows? well, here's another one: the beck show at the tower with the puppets. it was the last night of the tour, and he broke out a KILLER set lits. and those damn puppets! bonus: i made my own shirt in the lobby. i had the best time with that.


Rachel said...

umm, you forgot getting your promotion into the coolest department at Simplicity and kickin' some Christmasland ass!!!

mondo retro said...

holy crap! you are so right, rachel. there IS more to life than shows! the marketing job totally kicks ass and was a really great thing that happened to me this year. and that decorating war was good times, man, good times...

(we have to stop gloating or dave and wyatt will never talk to us again, for real!)