Sunday, March 05, 2006

don't be a coconut

yay, what a great couple of days! gertie wanted to come to new york with us...

but we told her she had to stay behind and watch the apartment while we were gone.

she was a little upset, because frank got to go and she didn't.

on the way to the show, we took one of many, many wrong turns and ended up in times square during rush hour. eeek!

since we were right there, we decided to stop at michael scott's favorite new york restaurant. ok, not really...

yeah, so, the strokes show was AWESOME. so, so awesome. this was the best stroke show that i've seen since probably 2002. they sounded better than ever. someone said joaquin phoenix was at the show, but i didn't see him. we were on the floor, drinking many many beers, having a grand old time. we were some of the oldest people there, it seemed. it also seemed that everyone in my little area was singing every word to every that was awesome. except for the fat teenage stinky boys who were all over each other all night. they were really, really annoying. after my 5 beers (on an empty stomach, no less), the one guy's stench was almost enough to send me into vomit-land. but, thankfully that didn't happen...p.s. DAMN it was cold friday night!!

*no strokes pics. sorry!*

saturday was really great, too. matt, chris and i went to brunch at enid's. i had eggs florentine. it was yummy indeed, and we got to just sit and catch up with matty boombalatty and it was nice. on the way out i used the facilities, and snapped some pics in there.

then we went shoppin'. i bought a great shirt for $6 and a bunch of found photos at junk. then i got a groovy hat and a pair of shades for $6.50 each at beacon's closet. see ensemble below.

finally, i got a cute plaid skirt at brooklyn industries for $19. i love bargains!! thrift shopping and finding bargains is like drugs to me, i swear.

after that, we went to mugs to meet up with some of matt's friends and enjoy the annual split thy brooklyn skull wine & beer fest. we were there, like, ALL DAY. woo! we had many many many good beers. i drank a lot of the n'iice *something-or-other* belgian strong ale. their hot wings weren't too bad, either. not really hot enough for me, but oh well.

chris had some drunken fun with the receipt.

finally, please enjoy a few random images from our afternoon.

tonight is the academy awards. you can be sure that i will be watching the e! red carpet action, the actual show, the post-show, EVERYTHING. let's see if my oscar picks make it!

p.s. !!!!!!!! most of you won't give a crap about this, but i sure do. crazy!


flatlander said...

Nice pics! New York city is the place to be.

Dylan prooves he's a prophet, once agian!

But did he predict the Oscars?

mondo retro said...

bob's oscar predictions would probably be better than mine... i think the only one i got right was reese witherspoon, but everyone knew she would win. oh wait, i did predecit philip seymour hoffman as well, but i think that was it. his speech was really nice, i thought. i liked that he told his mom that he was so proud of her that she raised 4 kids all by herself...that was sweet. i actually fell asleep and woke up just as they were announcing the best actor nominations...i missed at least 1/2 hour of the show. but, if it was more exciting, maybe i could've stayed awake...?

flatlander said...

Mark Daily was pretty good. I like that guy.

flatlander said...

ok, it's Jon Daily.--but he's still good.

Captain Canuck said...

It's actually Jon Stewart. The best source for American news!

mondo retro said...

that "daily show" is indeed some good stuff. the only time i have ever been in the live audience for a tv show was "the daily show," and it was so cool to be there!!

i also must highly recommend stephen colbert to obtain some "truthiness."