Friday, March 03, 2006

"Leavin' just in time...stay there for a while..."

just a few paltry links today...i'm working 1/2 a day and hot-footin' it up to the city to see the strokes tonight. woo-hoo! all the reviews of the show the other night have been not just favorable, but pretty incredible, so i am very excited. and here's a clip of "you only live once," which they opened with. anyway, this is gonna be a good weekend. i found out that tomorrow the plan is to go to brunch, go shopping, and attend a wine & beer festival. wheeeee!

mob hits: the smoking gun collection. i love mob stuff.

"AYDS makes you lose weight safely and effectively."

okay, scott stapp. it's me. i'm "someone." that's right. mondo retro. i am trying to sabotage your career. so, go away now.

info about the movie being made about ian curtis.

who is that with jeremy?

an index of character actors.

how to start a revolution.

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