Thursday, March 02, 2006

dare for more!

i'm grumpy today. it's supposed to snow today, so people aren't showing up for work, which means the rest of us will be neck is still hurty, and i want the pain to go away. i have some tylenol 3's that i've been taking like a damn addict, therefore i feel groggy and out of it all the time, and i wake up with a mild hangover. tomorrow night is the strokes show at hammerstein, and i am soooooooo super excited. but i don't want to be in pain. like, seriously, i can't turn my neck to the right. oh well. nothing many beers and some tylenol 3's won't fix, eh? anyway, this is gonna be a good weekend. saturday we are going to hang out in williamsburg with my good buddy matt and his lovely chickadee nawal. i am hoping to buy many fabulous things. you can count on a show review and photos of various things.

download these hot hoff wallpapers!!!!!!

that's what i'm talking' about! now, bow to your sensei. BOW TO YOUR SENSEI!!!!

i wish i knew how to quit you...

brokeback mountain pez dispensers.

scribbler. very cool.

alfred hitchcock photo essay.

jack white doesn't like bloggers or failed stand-up comedians.

in related news...

albert hammond, jr. is not dating kate moss.

these kids probably aren't dating kate moss, either. (link found on the modern age)

happy birthday, lou!


jhbmw007 said...

The brokeback PEZ are back you bitches! And be sure to check out my cartoon rendition of the CBS Radio interview I did:

mondo retro said...

awesome! with 7 days left on the auction, you are gonna rake in a nice chunk o' change! congrats!

p.s. man, that pic of them in the tent totally cracks me up!