Wednesday, June 06, 2007

the sunshine bores the daylights out of me

that there is my favorite line on "exile on main street." which is the best stones album ever. i was listening to it on the way home from work today. i'm sure there are better lines than that on the album, but i like the buildup leading up to that line. starts everything off right.

chris told me that the other day paul harvey said that mick jagger used to be a really, really good singer in the traditional sense, and was in this boy band-type group. then, he bit off the tip of his tongue somehow and that caused him to develop the style of singing that we all know and love. i don't know...i've been into the stones for a LONG TIME and i've never heard that story before...but i googled it and it seems to be true. hmm. what's more unbelievable to me is that chris was listening to paul harvey...

so, let's see, what else...i've lost 8 lbs so far on weight watchers!! woooooooo! it really isn't that hard, to be honest. i'm not really eating less than i did before, i'm just eating better. and i've lost these 8 lbs. all while drinking pretty much the same amount of beer that i normally do. i just sacrifice my food points for beer points. does that make me an alcoholic? i'm thinking no. i just have my priorities in check. okay, maybe that statement makes me an alcoholic.

print this out and keep this handy for the next telemarketer call you get.


Claude Bovee said...

Yea, and "Beggars Banquet" (I had the songbook when I was a kid) & "Let It Bleed" are both brilliant too! I have always been a Brian Jones person. I`m looking forward to Martin Scorsese`s documentary on the Stones!

mondo retro said...

well, if scorsese's doc on the stones is half as good as the dylan doc, it's gonna rock. (hey, that rhymed!)

as far as stones ablums go, "let it bleed" is also so amazing' "beggars banquet", too. and "sticky fingers"!!!

i love brian jones as well. i still kind of hold it against the stones for doing what they did to him. >:(