Friday, June 08, 2007


ha, she was screaming. i love it.

sopranos bada bing italian food trivia! i got 9 out of 11. woo! on a related note, i don't know how i'm going to go on after sunday's final episode. it's gonna be crazy, and then i'm gonna be sad. :( last week's episode was just insane. my poor silvio!!! and bobby bacala!!! *sigh* i don't even want to venture a guess as to how this will all end...but one thought is that phil's will order the killing of either one or all of tony's family, and i think paulie's a rat and tries to take out tony, but tony prevails. paulie's been very disgrunteled lately...why doesn't phil want to take him out?! he IS a captain, you know. maybe tony shoulda whacked paulie on the boat a few weeks ago. i think maybe silvio lives. i mean, why didn't they just kill him off if he wasn't going to live? who knows...and something has gotta happen with melfi and elliott...i can't believe he told that entire dinner party who melfi's star client was...and she has just told him WAAAY too much in her sessions. last week just can NOT be the last we've seen of melfi...the story has to come full circle. oh man, i SO CAN'T WAIT for sunday!!! i've be re-watching them on A&E as well, and the other night was the BEST episode, when chrissy and paulie get lost in the pine barrens chasing after the russian, and paulie loses his great. when they find that abandoned van to seek shelter in, and they find a fast food bag on the floor with condiment packets..."mmmmm! mix the ketchup and the relish!!" ha. sidenote: this is actually the first episode of "the sopranos" that i ever saw, in a nashville hotel room in may 2001. me and my friend katharine were there for a big 3-day music festival, partying it up, and she was like, "we have to watch 'sopranos!'" so we did, and i couldn't believe how awesome it was. i got hbo immediately and rented the seasons that i missed. i watched season 1 in ONE WEEKEND. i was obsessed immediately. that was a great first episode to see.

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