Tuesday, June 05, 2007


check out me and my friend kristin in the summer of 1992. YEAH! that was our "young ones"-esque "PISS OFF!" stance. this was taken in a photobooth in indiana where we hung out together for 10 days. we went to james dean's grave (where i left a lipstick kiss on the headstone, and this old lady who worked at the museum who i think was his great aunt or something told us that "jimmy would've loved our individuality." !!!!!!!), saw guns n' roses, metallica, and faith no more from the 9th row or something like that at the hoosier dome (the show we saw was right after some crazy gn'r riot--which made our mothers very nervous-- and right before james hetfield burned his arm off in a pyrotechnic accident. also notable: mike patton crawled towards me on the stage, singing at me and staring at me with a psychotic look in his eye. i will never forget it. roddy bottum also noticed us, because we were so close and the only punk rock chicks there. and i swore that duff gave me a "look," but that might've been wishful thinking).
we also drank booze out of a shampoo bottle because i was afraid to take a real bottle of liquor with me on the plane. i was only 19, and dumb. i snuck it from my dad's liquor cabinet. mmmmm...vodka with a hint of pantene...nothing like it. i specifically remember that it was pantene, because that's the shampoo jimmy page used, according to miss pamela. i was so silly. actually, i still use pantene...

i spilled a ginormous soda all over the place in a mcdonald's, and spilled an entire glass of milk all over her little sister's homework. i was a hot mess, apparantly. let's see, what else did we do...i discovered that the pizza hut breadsticks in indiana are different than the ones in pennsylvania. we unsuccessfully tried to find someone with pot, we drank her mom's southern comfort out of the bottle while watching horror movies (i think one of them was "trilogy of terror"), and saw "wayne's world" in the $1 theater twice. i remember buying sonic youth's "dirty" there, and beastie boys "check your head." i also bought a "live at CBGB's" record, a dress from the 40's, and a cool burgundy jaquard robe that can only really be described as some swanky fellow of yore's smoking jacket. wow, i miss that robe...i also remember watching the "90120" episode where brenda finds out that kelly and dylan were bangin' while she was in paris. why do i remember stuff like that?

we also went to king's island in cincinnati to meet up with this guy who i was writing to for over a year, and secretly in love with but never met before. you see, we were all pen pals. yes, it's true. seeing the guy made me totally insane because he was cool as hell and hotter than his pictures, and i cried on the way home. after we met, our regular weekly letters turned into bi-weekly "if only we lived closer..." letters. then we would, like, paint pictures for each other and send them, talk on the phone a lot, etc...he would write songs for me and record them, and we'd make each other meaningful mix tapes. eventually, a year later, he came to visit me when i got my first apartment and all hell broke loose. in a good way. then he cheated on me and broke my heart. in a bad way. but whatever, it was fun and it makes for a good story.

wow, what great memories crammed into those 10 little days. when she dropped me off at the airport when it was time for me to go home, we both cried. we were the best of friends, and then we lost touch. then we found each other again, and then we had some sort of squabble and i told her off in a not-very nice email. :( and now we're back in touch, thanks to the wonders of the internet. awwww, i love you, ravy gravy!!! :)

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