Wednesday, July 19, 2006

ow. ohhhhhh, achey achey.

yowza, did we kick boo-tay tonight! we closed on the house at 4, left the bank by 5, stopped at the apartment and changed, got to our house by 6, and ripped out all the carpet and ripped off the top layer of wallpaper in the kitchen, dining room, one of the bathrooms, and a bedroom by 10 p.m. very impessive, but we are SO GONNA BE HURTIN' TOMORROW. man, i can feel the burn in my arms already...

but it was so cool. borderline enjoyable for me, even (chris may have a different take on things, since he was the icky carpet-ripper-upper). it felt so different from the painting and whatnot that we've done for our apartment. 'cause, you know, it's OURS. we even had our first visitors, ryan and tracy and their 3 adorable kids. yay!

when we closed on the house, at first i was so sad i almost wanted to cry. BECAUSE...we bought the house from a couple who filed for bankruptcy, and they were really, really nice. i guess pretty much all the money for the house went straight to their creditors. the woman was talking about how, in addition to losing their house, they had to put their dog and their ferret to sleep. man, i almost cried right there. they did find a home for the turtle, however, just yesterday. i guess they moved into an apartment, so maybe they can't have pets, i don't know. and then THAT statement about the turtle made me think about how i took pictures of their personal items and posted them on the internet. :( i just felt so bad for them; they seemed like good people. the guy even said that if we needed to call him for anything at all (like if we can't figure out how something works or if we have questions), that we should not hesitate to call him. i thought that was really nice. but, i must admit that the guilt (or empathy or whatever it was) faded away when we left and was replaced by total excitement and glee. is that bad?

another wonderful thing was, as soon as we got in the house and looked out the big dining room windows, we saw a bunny and 2 robins in our backyard. that bunny made me so happy! living on the 2nd floor on a busy main street of a city doesn't offer those types of warm, fuzzy goodness. we had lots of fireflies when it got dark, too. awesome.

when things start shaping up, i will post "before" and "after" pictures. and maybe some "during" pics, if i am motivated enough. ohh yeah, the central air TOTALLY works. yesssss...

maybe we'll make this for the house...? eh. probably not. but maybe!

how ironic. (because, you know, carrots are supposed to help your eyesight.)

file this one under, "ewwwww gross!"

i just cannot believe the animated version of pamela anderson on her site! hahahahaha. i do hope those are vegan cookies she's holding...oh, and regarding the announcement--ewwwww gross!

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