Wednesday, July 19, 2006

holy crap, i'm #6!!!

this is amazing, THANK YOU!!! please keep voting for me! and please don't be frightened by all the new people who have entered the contest. it may take a little longer to come across my little 'ol picture, but EVERY VOTE COUNTS! again, thank you to all who are voting for me. i really, REALLY want these tickets! neil!!! willie!!!! front row!!! COME ON!!

ok, we did our first official first full day of house stuff. my main job today consisted of slathering the dining room walls with goo and scraping off the wallpaper paste with a little tool called a paper tiger. which made me sing that beck song in my head all day. for the record, i would like to horribly mutilate the person who invented wallpaper. oh, and i pulled about 5 million staples from the floors with a pair of pliers. i have a blister on my hand the size of detroit. but whatever.

did i mention that we are gonna be next-door neighbors with a cop? yep. a real cop. we saw him come home today, with his cop outfit on and weird. not that i am MISS ILLEGAL ACTIVITY or anything, but it's kinda weird with a bona fide COP right next door...


70's blacklight posters. (via boing boing)

this is what a woman raised by wild dogs looks like.

invent your own suri. because the real one doesn't exist anyway.

see? there are many employment opportunities (okay, 12) for people like me who have a penchant for crazy hair once in a while...

chelsea hotel blog.

see? i KNEW it was gonna be good!! I KNEW IT! (i'm being sarcastic, because not allowing reviewers to screen a flick is always bad news. but i know i will love it anyway. this is not an oscar caliber movie, people. it's just good, cheesy fun. SCREW YOU, CRITICS!!!)

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