Tuesday, July 18, 2006

hot enough for ya?

ugh. this heat sucks. in other news, we close on the house today, so i don't know how much bloggin' i will be doing in the next week...we both took a week off to start working on the house. please keep your fingers crossed that the AC works in the new house...we still aren't sure if it does. ugh. i can just imagine trying to take off wallpaper and re-tiling floor and painting and whatnot in a sizzling, stinky house. and it doesn't excite me.

1950's DIY projects. maybe i should do some of these this week...

12 delightfully odd concept albums.

uppers.org. not about pills.

ahhhh, dig mickey rourke's shirt!

here are the myspace profiles for all of your favorite awful reality "stars."

check out this great photo i found while looking for turquoise toilet seats on eBay:

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