Saturday, July 08, 2006

yes, that's a real turtle.

so, chris and i were able to go into our new digs recently to measure and take pictures and whatnot. the people we bought the house from still have a ton of stuff in there (we close in about 2 weeks), so i snapped some pics. here are the highlights.


i wonder if he was listening to "ride the lightning."

13 things that do not make sense.

the ten greatest books about rock & roll.

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Weenil said...

Ok, the turtle is a common one, a Red Eared slider, much like the ones found in the little pond down by the Museum. If you inherit him, you could let him go at that pond and he would be fine.

Is that cake a real cake? and you totally have to get the Hitchhiker's Guide video!!! And the guide to mental health. wow. I can't believe they left all that stuff there!