Friday, July 20, 2007

vacation, all i ever wanted...vacation had to get away...

this is the first day of my mini-vacation, and i wake up at 4:30 am. typical.

image courtesy of bighappyfunhouse. which i constantly mention as my favorite site ever.

tonight i am going to see the police. sometime within the next 4 days chris and i are going to the beach one day, and amusement park another day, and hopefully new hope another day. also probably planting flowers and/or mulching. woo! then i go back to work for about 1 hour on wednesday, and i get to leave to oversee a photoshoot. WOOO! i have to work all day thursday (BOOO!), BUT i only have 1/2 day friday, because that is white stripes day!!! WOOO! i actually took the 1/2 day in case they do some of that crazy surprise show action in the states like they just did in canada. if i missed seeing them on a bus or in a bowling alley or at the old folks home down the street or something because i was AT WORK, well...that would NOT be good. or maybe we'll just go down there early and drink white stripes-themed martinis all afternoon! actually, i'd like to see the simpsons movie , since it comes out that day.


i didn't have a real one either...i had a knockoff when i was in 5th grade. it was red and i put a michael jackson button in it.

some of you might wonder what i did with my life before 2005, when i started this blog. well, wonder no more!! most of the pictures are gone, but the rest of the silliness is still there.

i kind of liked re-reading august '02, for a number of reasons. a lot of crazy stuff happened, and would you just LOOK at those hideous web pages!! what was i thinking?!? hahaha. man, i wish all the images were still there...

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