Sunday, July 15, 2007

"rock n' roll is an insatiable bitch goddess"

this is going to be a dumb post. there is nothing going on on the internet today, and i'm just feeling kind of blah in general. yesterday was very nice, though...we woke up early and went to kenny & john's yard sale, where we bought a ginormous candle from them. then we went and got sushi with mark and margy, where we developed the concept of a "happy days" spin-off called "i sat on it." fonzie married that boring, normal woman with the child at the end of the "happy days" series, right? so this would continue from there, with fonzie's whole life going to shit. he becomes totally uncool, potsie ends up being his boss, he tries to turn something on by punching it, like a jukebox or the lights or something, and it falls apart...he gives himself the thumbs-down in the mirror, and says "uggggggh" instead of "AYYYYYYY..." and instead of hanging up his "cool" leather jacket, he hangs up his pathetic smock from the acme supermarket that says "arthur" on the front, or whatever. so funny.

then we all went to a giant book bonanza. i got 7 books for $3.25...a betty crocker meat cookbook from the 70's, a casserole cookbook from who knows when (they both have gloriously hideous photographs of the food, though), some crazy book called "what rock is all about," (i guess it was to help teenagers in the 70's be not as clueless and lame? the book itself if spretty clueless and lame, however), and some crafty books from the 70's. oh, and "when rabbit howls." i love crazy people books! and a charlie brown book, too.

after the book bonanza, we got ice cream. YAAAAAAAY! what a good day that was. in contrast, today was pointless. except i went out this afternoon and picked up a cute pair of pants.

if you liked "lost skeleton of cadavra," you'll be sure to love this! just because.


Anonymous said...

haha thanks for the random site linkage! (I run I got several referrals and was wondering why I got linked. Just because is a great reason :)

mondo retro said...

oh wow, cool! :) actually, i was watching the "strangers with candy" season 2 DVDs all day. so it really wasn't "just because," i indeed had paul on the brain. i actually have him on the brain quite often, because he rules.

you have a great site! thanks for stopping by my silly blog! :)