Saturday, July 21, 2007

f*@k da police

saw the police last night. my opinion? move over, the who show of summer 2000! you have been replaced with a new "worst concert ever!"
first of all, the venue is one mere hour away from us, and it took us like 3 hours to get there. the traffic situation was not good. but fine, whatever...we anticipated this, so we got there in plenty of time to get some much-needed food and drinks and visits to the port-o-pottys (which is always SUCH a joy). but the weather was awesome. sunny with a nice cool breeze. we missed the opening band, which was also a plus. the police played everything you'd expect them to, and a few of them sounded decent. one or two actually sounded good. but most of them were just AWFUL. my favorite po-po song, "don't stand so close to me," was really slow and he sang the whole song in the lower register and all jazzy...ick. it just didn't work. like i said, there were a few songs that sounded good, like "every little thing she does is magic." i never was all gung-ho about that song before, but it stands out because it was apparently the best they could do last night. "synchronicity II" was good. "wrapped around your finger" was okay. but ohhhhhh, mostly it was just so boring and bad. at one point, kenny & john & i were talking about what they're going to do with the hardwood flooring in their spare room. while the police were on stage. the talking amongst the crowd was pretty loud in general. oh, and there was pan flute. need i say more?

so, we left at the encore, which i never, ever do (except at the aforementioned who show. we can discuss that another time). but we were thinking this was a smart move and we could get out of the venue easier. HA! practically the whole damn place left early, they were all like, "screw these guys, we're goin' home!" friends of ours that was a few rows behind us called and said they looked over and our entire section was gone. so we sat in that parking lot trying to get out for 2 hours. freakin' literally. like, we seriously moved just a few yards in 2 hours. it was really awful. then, after we managed to actually get on the highway, we still sat in traffic for who knows how long. we got in the car to leave at 10:30 and i didn't get home until 2 am. all in all, it was a 10-hour ordeal. it was a nightmare. it was a debacle. it was horrible. it was a disaster. it might have been better if the show didn't suck so bad...but it did. it sucked so bad. and, if you read my post yesterday, you will note that i woke up at 4:30 am. i didn't fall asleep until 3:30 am. i was up for 23 hours (save fore the 15 minutes or so of dozing off i did in the car. DAMN. those bastards. that douchebag and his pan flute. i hate them.

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