Sunday, July 29, 2007

lobster girl

here's a picture of jack white wearing a "jack" belt buckle. just because. man, that show the other night...whew! i can't stop talking about it. so, so, SO good. it's amazing that i saw both the absolute worst and the absolute best shows in the span of one week. the show with the champagne incident was previously the best show ever, but it has officially been replaced.

today was my company picnic. it was at a reading phillies game. free buffet, but not free beer. BOO! it was about 6 million degrees outside, and i am sunburned. ow. it was raining all night last night and all morning, and then the rain just let up before the game. i thought it would not be sunny, so i didn't put any sunblock on. but i was very, very wrong. ugh. it got crazy bright and sunny and there was no shade so The Palest Girl on Earth (i.e. me) is already red red RED. ugh. i did have 3 beers at the game, and 2 more since i've been home, and "mean streets" is on the HBO, so all is right with the world. man, the "mean streets" soundtrack is so killer...

ooh, don't forget:

i will be shoving this down the throats of whomever reads this blog for the next month. and hopefully i will not make every post about the white stripes. i'll try to control myself, i promise.

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