Saturday, July 28, 2007

crazy half-drunk white stripes post-show report

i am just going to type all of this as it comes to me, and not bother editing it or correcting spelling errors. i just really need to get this down while it is still fresh in my mind, for posterity's sake.

that was hands down, BAR NONE the best show i have ever been to in my life, by ANYONE. it was insane. we could not BELIEVE how awesome our seats were. i'm so glad we waited in line for hours and hours for those tickets. it was worth it.

so, we get to wilmington around 5:30 or so, maybe 6...we went into this restaurant 821 right across the street from the grand opera house. they had a white stripes themed dinner menu and 2 different white stripes martinis. i had the Denial Twist. anyway, we're sitting at the bar drinking, and one of the white stripes' people came in. (she was wearing a badge that she was with the band...actually it was more like a sticker. but ANYWAY...) she asked the bartender if she could have one of the menus, because the white stripes heard about it and wanted a copy. they told her that she couldn't have a real one until later, but shhe could make a copy of it. she says ok, and leaves. so what do i do? i snatched a menu and shoved it up my skirt. we left after a few drinks and i was like, "if i see that chick, i'm gonna give her the menu and then maybe i'll get to meet jack white somehow because i was cool like that..." yes, that is probably exactly what went through my mind just then. i am crazy. anyway, i never saw her, i i have this menu now. AND my martini was free! so far, best pre-dinner drinks ever.

we go inside and we immediately bought 2 posters, because they are unique to each show, and numbered (ours is 69 of 270 or something like that). they're all done by rob jones, whom i have mentioned in the past, and did the QT fest poster kenny got me for Christmas last year. i emailed rob jones and asked him some raconteurs poster question, and he was really nice and cool. anyway, i also bought a white stripes sewing kit. :)

so, we go to our seats, freak out about how good they are, and go back to get drinks. let me say that the grand opera house is an AWESOME place to see a show. it's beautiful and comfortable and the people who work there are so nice. chris ordered a jack and coke (and we joked about the irony of jack and coke, like jack white and coca-cola) and the bartender filled up 2/3 of the cup with jack and put like 5 drops of coke in. chris was like, "woo-hoo!" i got a heineken. we sat back down, watched dan sartrain, who was really good. chris got more drinks--another lethal jack and coke and a heiney for me) and soon the show starts. oh, the drinks were CHEAP! $3 for bber and $4 for a mixed drink. that is not bad AT ALL. also, i didn't have to wait in line for the bathroom AT ALL, and when i went during dan sartain 2 ushers lit their flashlights and led me out. it was so cool, like something people did in the 50's, back when america had class. so far, best concert ever!

so eventually jack and meg walked out, and the place just went wild and stayed wild the entire night, singing to every song, even new ones ("i'm slowly turning into you" was totally, totally great with the "WOO's" and the whole crowd singing it and clapping...jack white went "YEAH!" when we did that; also smiled a lot during "we're going to be friends." the set list was insane!!!

Dead leaves

You don't know what love is


john the revelator

joke "what did mississippi ask michigan?"

Catch Hell

Hotel Yorba

Finding it harder to be a gentleman>

Truth doesn't make a noise(!!!)>

I Think i smell a rat>

Screwdriver (slow-ish)>

Rat riff

I fought piranhas

Icky Thump

Cold Cold Night

Same Boy You've always known

Story about soldiers becoming sailors and the water beneath??

Hardest Button

Slowing turning into you


Black math

Wasting my Time

We're going to be friends

Bound to pack it up riff for about a split second!!!!

300MPH torrential outpour blues

7 nation army

apple blossom

ugly as i seem

I just don't know what to do with myself

Boll Weevil--really fantastic version!

i just got that set list off a white stripes message board. i will post all photos and audio of the show as i find it. there was a LOT of recording and picture-taking happening, so this is gonna be cool. every single person there was SO INTO IT. including jack and meg. it was amazing.

jack was RIGHT IN FRONT OF US the entire time, and we were on the side and completely eye-level with him and there was no one in front of us at all. it was perfect. it was SO LOUD, it was great. there were a lot of really incredible moments. and he looked right at me during the intro for "i fought piranhas." yay! all my primping paid off! ha. i looked a haggard mess at the end of that show. i was dancing around the whole time, and my mascara ran and my hair was all messy. it was funny.

there was a big disco ball and it was fun when they turned the lights down. the also has some good crazy lighting action during some of the songs, like "catch hell blues." meg was wearing a white toop and black pants, and jack was all red from head to toe. i was wearing a black t-shirt withh tiny red stripes on it and a black skirt. i went as a candy cane child tonight.

delaware REALLY showed the white stripes the love tonight. everyone was singing along to everything and clapping and dancing and rockin' was just awesome.

he also told a delaware joke early on, and recounted a dream he'd had the other night. so crazy! i also saw him give meg a little kiss on the side of her head after whispering something in her ear, and it was really cute.

i just can't stress how awesome they sounded. jack was totally out of control. "i just don't know what to do with myself" was really great, he just let us sing that line. everything was crazy good.

at the end (after the like 45 minute encore!!!!) jack goes, "thank you, we really appreciate it so much...we really do. thank you..." because everyone was just cheering for them SO MUCH, thanking them for this awesome show. they both looked happy. oh, during "7 nation army" he sang, "far from this opera house forever more," and that was cute.

there were tons of people taping the show and taking pictures, so tomorrow all that stuff should turn up. i can't wait! best show ever. ever ever ever. i'm sure i will remember more tomorrow...time for bed now...

here's some reviews and other stuff.


Laura said...

Hey! I was at that concert and - well, I'd seen them a few times but that was the best. They were just wonderful. I'm surprised they didn't tear that place apart.

I was Googling for a setlist; that's how I got here. Thanks!

mondo retro said...

yay! yes, that was the best stripes show i have ever been to. i read on some other blog that people in the balcony felt the whole balcony move when they were stamping their feet waiting for the encore. ack!

they were indeed wonderful. i found a recording of the show and listened to it the other day. "i'm slowly turning into you" really made me smile, with the "woo's" and the singing along at the end. :)