Friday, July 27, 2007

i am insane when it comes to getting ready for a rock show.

i can't believe white stripes day is finally here! i am beyond excited. i got my hair did last night (not specifically for the show or anything), and it looks bitchin'. it's dark at the bangs (which have been cut into teeny baby bangs) with big blonde chunks in it, and lighter brown and darker blonde all's total retro-meets-rock-chick hair. i love it. i did buy a vintage dress from the 40's at love saves the day to wear tonight, but i think i might wear something else. it's going to be hot today, and i want to be comfortable. we shall see. i also bought a dress for the show a few months ago, and i am totally not going to wear that tonight. i also have a few options if i want to go the black, red, and white route. again, we shall see.

i have always put much effort into my concert attire. why? who knows. i remember my first ramones show in high school, i BEGGED my mom to give me money to go to zipperhead on south street and buy something cool to wear. and she did. :) it was this cool vintage purple dress and i wore ripped-up black tights with it, and and army jacket and combat boots. i also remember the outfit i bought for my first bob dylan show. i looked so fly. it was a tight-fitting green and black jersey t-shirt thing and little black pants. i was going for the "bob dylan '65" look. usually for white stripes shows i dress like a candy cane child, but i don't think so for tonight. we are going to an opera house, so i think i may need to kick things up a notch.
i can remember what i was wearing for every important (and sometimes unimportant) thing that has ever happened to me. so odd. anyway, i will write an insanely long post about the show tomorrow, i'm sure.

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