Monday, June 11, 2007

i've had that damn journey song in my head all morning!

and now i'm pretty sure he didn't get shot at all. after much discussion with chris and much reading of message boards and articles, i think it's just over. the whole end scene was to mess with us, and to illustrate that everyone looks shady in tony's eyes. he constantly looks over his shoulder, wondering if this guy's gonna hit him, or that guy. grey jacket guy doesn't come out of the bathroom and kill tony; no way. we just don't know. we will never know. but for now, all is well in the soprano family (and Family). AJ is now involved with the family (working for little carmine), meadow's gonna be a lawyer for the mob, carmella will continue to have long crazy nails and a benz and build her little houses. as this article states, our glimpse into their lives is over.
but i wrong?

sorry to get all geeky fangirl on everybody. i just think i am gonna have a hard time letting go of this show. it's been 7 years!! i was devastated at the end of "six feet under;" i cried for like an hour. but this ending is way, WAY better. surely more artistic and mind-effing.

now that i've had time to recover from the shock, it was just wonderful and perfect. this was probably the most brilliant show on tv.

(i also think that paulie and that cat should have a sitcom.)

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