Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"i went ahead and ordered some for the table."

those are very odd and random last words. and i'm not saying they were tony's literal last words (were they? who knows!!), but the last words for us to hear from him. i love it.

i also think it's funny that i mentioned that we were having a thunderstorm, and i was praying that the cable didn't go out during the episode. and everyone on earth thought their cable went out. heh.

this is my last sopranos post, i promise. i'm just getting such a kick out of all the dissection of this final scene, and how genius people think it is, or how livid and betrayed people are feeling by it. if the final scene wasn't so ambiguous, no one would be talking about it as much as they are.

and i will forever associate this crappy journey song with "sopranos." perhaps now i won't groan or change the station when i hear this song come on...i'll think of this amazing show.

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