Sunday, June 10, 2007

the longest week of our lives is almost over

in a mere 2 hours, the sopranos finale airs. what will happen?!? will tony, live, die, flip, go to prison? will meadow get whacked, or raped or something awful like that? will a.j. get whacked (which would be a blessing, i mean let's be honest) or become an extremist to wipe out terrorists? is paulie playing both sides of the fence? is silvio gonna make it? have we really seen the last of dr. melfi? will the feds show up at the safehouse during a possible bloody battle between the two families, and snatch up a wounded but alive tony and put him into witness protection? what will happen to carmella? marone!

p.s.there's a thunderstorm brewing right now. if the cable goes out i will seriously have a mental breakdown.

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