Sunday, June 10, 2007

don't stop believin'

i think i need a few days to process what i just did tony get shot when the screen went to black, his last vision is meadow coming through the door toward him?! or is everything fine...this evil sociopath, that we were forced to turn on this season with his killing of chrissy and being totally happy about it, comes out just fine in the end? he's got his family, he's got his onion rings, it's all good! and there is no justice. is he pondering that even if he does live, what does he have to look forward to? just look at uncle junior. the scene with phil getting clipped and then run over with his grandbabies locked in the SUV, crushing his head and causing that guy to vomit was pretty good. and the very last scene was very, very good, in that we were tricked into thinking a million tragic things could possibly this guy just wrote:

"Nondescript Baseball Cap Guy will forever be drinking coffee in that booth. Gray-Jacket Mook’s permanently in the bathroom. The hip-hop gangstas will always be standing at the jukebox. Nobody’s whacking anybody.

And our loving family, because you had to see Sunday night, finally, that that’s what they are, will forever be ordering the All-American burger special with homemade ice cream for dessert, after Meadow’s parking problems proved just to be ineptitude, and not the horrible coincidence that would leave her either the only survivor, or the only victim of final, horrible carnage."

and might i add that it was pretty funny to me that a.j., poor depressed, suicidal, misunderstood, suddenly sensitive a.j., with his super-strong convictions about the state of world affairs and feeling an intense desire to combat terror, decides that he'd be just as happy working at a movie studio as a gofer with a new BMW, banging a model who's a junior in high school. a.j., you are such a douchebag.

nothing was resolved at all. nothing. which i can appreciate, i really can. life doesn't get wrapped up with a neat little bow, and neither did this show. silvio's in a coma, there is a trial pending, uncle junior is a complete mess in a mental institution, paulie's still paulie, the ghost of christufa may or may not be in that cat. and the show has always led us to believe one thing was happening, and then we were thrown a curveball. this episode was no different.

wow. just wow. i don't know what to say. except that everyone was expecting a shocking ending, and we sure got it.

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