Monday, June 25, 2007


saw bob last night, show #18. it was wonderful, of course! AND HE PLAYED GUITAR FOR THE FIRST 5 SONGS!!!! oh, how i missed that man on the gee-tar. highlights: "my back pages," which i don't think i've ever seen live (i'd really have to check, though, but it's definitely a rare one). "spirit on the water" was wonderful, and i totally had a moment with "nettie moore." i don't listen to that song a whole lot, but his phrasing was phenomenal during that song. we were in the 15th row, but i had bincoulars so i just stared at his face all close-up during that song. ahhhhh. "it ain't me, babe" and "it's alright, ma..." had totally new arrangements and they were great. which is just what bob does. we were talking about the different phases of bob live...the bluegrass phase, the rockabilly we're in full-on blues phase. with a fiddle. :)

i love my bob. it was a beautiful day, and a beautiful night, hanging with my two best girls and my favorite fella. :) oh yeah, "summer days," which ususally is a "meh" moment for me because he plays it at practically every show, was really, really good last night. i was really shakin' what my mama gave me like crazy during that one.

one thing that i love about bob shows is audience reaction to certain lines. it's great that people applaud amazing lines of a song instead of just a whole song. i also like the whole "spirit on the water" exchange that goes on now:

bob: "you think i'm over the hill?"

us: NOOOOO!!!

bob: "think i'm past my prime?"

us: NOOOOOO!!!

bob: "let me see what you got."

the ladies: WOOOOOOO!

bob: "we could have a whompin' good time."


the ladies still love bob. hell, i wouldn't kick him out of bed. (sorry, chris)


Christine said...

oh i miss you Nettie Moore
and my happiness is oe'r
winter's gone, the rivers on the rise

i love then, i always shall
but there's no one left here to tell
the world has gone black before my eyes...

loves me some Nettie Moore. my favorite track from the totally awesome modern times.

mondo retro said...

the line, "They say whiskey will kill ya, but I don't think it will" also got a huge, huge crowd reaction.

yes, "modern times" is beyond amazing. i can't believe that he's still doin' it, just blowing people away with his music. I LOVE HIM!!!!!!