Tuesday, June 26, 2007

rrrrrrruffles have rrrrridges

1982. (photo at right also from my favorite site ever)

this came out about a week ago, but here's the afi top 100 films list. "citizen kane" #1 again, "the godfather" #2. again. for the record, i am more of a "godfather" person than a "citizen kane" person. i've seen "the godfather" probably 50 times. i even turned down a night out on the town on friday night because it came on tv, and i immediately got sucked into it. my parents and i tend to quote it all the time, either because we're discussing the movie, or just in regular life. there's the standard quotes that everyone does ("leave the gun, take the cannolis," "i am enzo! THE BAKER!" etc). my dad often says, "i want inquiries made," which makes me laugh. my mom likes to say, "that's a true story." (and then she'll add, "that's my family, kay, that's not me.") i think it's fun to say, "bada beep, bada bap, bada boop." and i know my friend rachel likes, "monday, tuesday, thursday, wednesday, sunday, saturday..." ahhhhh. it's just so good. i also feel proud of the fact that i can pretty much figure out what they're saying to each other in italian. especially in the infamous "louis in the bronx" restaurant scene. okay, i'm a dork, moving on...

and these chicks came out with their own top 100. i shouldn't call them "these chicks;" they are in fact the alliance of women's film journalists.

i never could do this...now maybe i'll try to learn.

speaking of the white stripes, i seem to be all about "conquest" now. i certainly am digging this album...and that song is crazy! i think it belongs in a quentin tarantino flick.

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