Tuesday, June 19, 2007

are you all rocking out to "icky thump" today?

well, are you? i sure am. i'm really digging "little cream soda." a LOT. i also dig actual cream soda a lot...anyway, the whole thing is great. being 1/2 scottish ("the good half," as my scottish mom says), i like that "st. andrews" song. i think my mom would even like that song. i like "rag and bone," too. and "catch hell blues!!!!" oh yes. and "effect and cause." that is one catchy diddy, kind of reminds me of their version of "rated x." damn, i love it all. but i just listened to "effect and cause" 3 times in a row, so...there you go. oh, how i love the white stripes!!

that is all. except for i want to say that "i'm slowly turning into you" is awesome, too.

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