Sunday, June 17, 2007

good morning, starshine!

i have the weirdest sleeping habits ever. i am exactly like my mother and grandmother, in that they were both famous for waking up at insane hours, like 4 a.m., and just being totally raring to go with very little sleep. last night i fell asleep at midnight and woke up before 5 and i'm totally fine, not tired at all. some nights, i can't sleep at all. i have gone to work on 2 hours of sleep more than once. i don't mind waking up early on the weekends, though. it's nice to enjoy the sunrise and the quiet morning. halfway through the day, though, i'll probably crash out for a while.

i don't think this qualifies as insomnia, although sometimes the not sleeping thing starts to get to me. once, i was up for 3 days when i was around 21 years old. i just could NOT sleep, and i was crazy exhausted. i will never forget it, i was out of my mind. what turned me around was i went to lunch with 2 friends at an italian restaurant and we drank an insane amount of wine and i went home and passed out for like 14 hours. i think my mom thought i was dead, i remember she kept checking on me.

the police: a fragile truce. hope they stay together long enough for me to see them next month...

you can watch the entire PBS series "an american family" on youtube! i've only ever seen one or two episodes before, so this little discovery made me very happy.

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